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Former Chiefs Defensive End Alex Magee Arrested

Former Kansas City Chief defensive end Alex Magee was arrested yesterday for possession of marijuana, giving his current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, even more bad press on such a promising young team. According to Pro Football Weekly, this is the tenth Bucs arrest since January 10, 2010. According to reporter Victoria Lim:

Magee’s full name – Arcilla Alexander Magee – was driving his 2009 Dodge Charger when he was stopped on East Kennedy Blvd. and North Nebraska Ave. at 1:13pm, the report says. The officer smelled marijuana and searched the vehicle. The investigation turned up a "misdemeanor amount of field test positive marijuana", according to the report.

Magee was a failed third round choice in 2009, the quickest dismissal of an early draft pick in Scott Pioli's short career in Kansas City. You have to believe Magee is headed for the same in Tampa Bay as this cannot fare well for his hope for a roster spot next season.