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Official Odds Have Kansas City Chiefs At 35/1 To Win Super Bowl XLVI

The Packers and Patriots lead this year's Super Bowl odds.

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Odds aren't in the Kansas City Chiefs favor to win Super Bowl XLVI next winter in Indianapolis, at least according to the oddsmakers at Set at 35/1, the Chiefs sit amidst a group that also includes the Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings. Suffice to say, it's odd company for the Chiefs to sit alongside.

This says something about the larger viewpoint of KC's success last season as the AFC West divisional winner, or it shows the lack of real meaning to any of these rankings. The Vikings tanked last season and have a rookie quarterback in Florida State's Christian Ponder. The Texans can't seem to get over the hump year to year with their defense dragging their high-powered offense back to .500. The Lions are ready to make the proverbial jump with a strong defensive line, but even that's only on paper.

The Chiefs, meanwhile, won 10 games last season and feature one of the NFL's premiere young players in Jamaal Charles. They also enjoyed a draft class that matched most of their holes on the roster. The Chargers, on the other hand, lost the division but are somehow ranked fourth overall in odds at 12/1, above other teams like the Ravens, Jets and Falcons.

The Green Bay Packers are the obvious favorites to win it all again with such a young core and depth working in their favor, and the New England Patriots are right behind them. Perhaps that makes KC a good bet in the end.