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NFL Draft Grades: Sports Illustrated's Kerry Byrne Gives Chiefs "B+"

Sports Illustrated's Kerry Byrne is the latest to weigh in with his rankings from the NFL Draft results, and the Chiefs fared very well in his summation. As he likes the Chiefs overall draft class pairing value with need, and he particularly points to the Jonathan Baldwin acquisition as his favorite move:

I rarely suggest drafting wide receivers high, for reasons addressed in the Falcons and Bengals reports above. But Kansas City is one of the rare teams for which it was a good move. The Chiefs were statistically stout in most areas last year, save for the downfield passing game -- their weakest link, as we saw in the punchless playoff loss to Baltimore. So nabbing WR Jonathan Baldwin No. 1 was a good needs-based selection by a team that ranked just 23rd last year in average per pass attempt (5.85).

As for the Chiefs weaknesses, Byrne obviously doesn't think highly of the Chiefs next selection in the third round in Justin Houston, because that's exactly who he describes when addressing what he wished the Chiefs would have done:

Would have liked to have seen a more aggressive play for a pass rusher in the second round, instead of devoting the pick to offensive lineman Rodney Hudson. Kansas City was very good both running the ball and in pass protection last year. But they were below average in the same areas on defense.

Houston, for me, is exactly that -- taking an aggressive play for a pass rusher. Houston's sack totals and abilities embody the player Byrne describes while also serving as an example of the Chiefs taking a chance given his character concerns.