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"Potential Is Immense" For Jonathan Baldwin And Chiefs NFL Draft Class

With the unveiling of SB Nation’s official NFL Draft grades, the Chiefs rank in the middle compared to their AFC counterparts, but it’s the possibility for great things that will hopefully win out in the end. While the Colts win above other AFC rivals with an “A” grade, the Chiefs rank lower with a “B-”. But what is perhaps most important is Brian Galliford’s notes on potential:

Scott Pioli took some risks this year, to be certain. If he’s right about these players, the Chiefs will have added a lot of elite-level talent. WR Jon Baldwin and OLB Justin Houston, in particular, were high-upside gambles. Rodney Hudson was the team’s best pick, as he’ll start at center there for a long time, and is simply a very good football player. CB Jalil Brown and NT Jerrell Powe were terrific day three value adds. The risk makes it tough to grade highly, but the potential here is immense.

The possibility for elite-level talent is exactly what the Chiefs have needed to do to break out for some time. Some of the free agents and draft choices in recent years have been to place salve on a wound versus really fixing it for the long-term. The Chiefs might have to redraft a few of these same positions next year, but finding impact players in the process is a risk worth taking.