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NFL Rumors: Is Kyle Orton Really A Step Up From Rex Grossman?

Would the Washington Redskins be content with Kyle Orton as their quarterback option? That’s the primary concern Redskins fans might have with the rumored trade sending talented but troubled Albert Haynesworth to the Denver Broncos for Orton. Their current roster boasts only former Dolphin draft pick John Beck on the quarterback depth chart, but Rex Grossman remains an option as a free agent.

There are also other quarterbacks to be had this off-season when and if the lockout is lifted and the NFL calendar resumes as normal. The Bengals longtime starter Carson Palmer is rumored to be available, as is Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb. Thus, getting a quarterback who might not make any difference above what Grossman could bring may cause issues, as SB Nation’s Kevin Ewoldt writes:

As much as I’m ready for the Haynesworthless era to end, adding another QB who doesn’t know this system makes little sense. He threw for 20 TDs, 9 INTs, and 3653 yards in 13 games. Not too shabby, but Grossman is just as good/bad.

For Chiefs fans, the addition of Haynesworth to the Denver roster is certainly something to keep an eye on, given the tremendous potential he holds for both impacting their defensive interior or the team’s locker room chemistry. For now, we wait and see.