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Fantasy Football Projections Already Out For Chiefs Draft Pick Jonathan Baldwin

While NFL teams wonder how their new draftees will perform once the season comes around, fantasy football players are equally curious at the potential stats rookies like wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin will produce on the field. Luckily, fantasy sites like Rotowire are already making their 2011 projections for those who are curious.

The player with the greatest chance of making fantasy impact from the Kansas City Chiefs draft haul is Baldwin, the Chiefs first round choice out of Pittsburgh. Rotowire believes this as well, but cautions potential owners in their expectations:

He’ll have to earn it — all receivers do for Todd Haley — but Baldwin is a massive talent upgrade over incumbents Jeremy Horne and Verran Tucker. Chris Chambers appears to have called it a career. We aren’t too optimistic about Baldwin’s fantasy upside, though. He’ll be a clear No. 2 receiver in a decidedly run-first offense. One thing we are excited about for Baldwin: He’ll be training at Larry Fitzgerald’s camp this summer.

While it’s nice for fantasy football players to have another potential impact receiver to consider, ultimately it’s the Chiefs who win in having a legitimate target across the field from Dwayne Bowe. Even if Baldwin’s fantasy numbers are nothing to write home about, the mere threat of Baldwin’s big play ability should help impact the most important outcome: wins and losses.