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Was Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback Jalil Brown Chosen Too Early?

In our continuing series discussing Chiefs draft choices with The National Football Post's Wes Bunting, we now turn to an unexpected fourth round choice where the Chiefs added yet another young player in the secondary in Jalil Brown.

After last year's investment with Eric Berry, Javier Arenas and Kendrick Lewis, it seemed the Chiefs might have gone with another position, but depth is important in the secondary. Former draft picks like Donald Washington have yet to pan out and competition for key special teams slots make everyone better in the long run. Bunting, in particular, was confused by Brown's selection slot, but says there's still value in Brown's game:

<blockquote>He's a size/speed corner. I've never been a major fan and I think the fifth or sixth round is where I'd feel comfortable taking him. He's got tight hips and that gets him into trouble, especially when asked to turn and run. But he gets up to speed quickly and he's got the length to be able to prep off the line. He's an outside corner only. You can't play him in the slot. But he could help you on tip coverage and be a good gunner on the outside as well.</blockquote>

You can't have enough depth in the secondary in today's pass-happy NFL, so we'll see how Brown fares. Other analysts rate him high while Bunting describes some limitations, which brings up a Washington situation of mixed reviews. Time will tell how well this choice pans out.