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Wes Bunting Talks About The Chiefs Draft Picks, Part 2

College Scouting Director for the National Football Post discusses the Chiefs draft class in detail.

In the second part of our conversation with Wes Bunting, the Director of College Scouting for the National Football Post, the NFL Draft analyst gives his take on several of the Chiefs selections including first-rounder Jonathan Baldwin. In case you missed the first entry, you can find Part One here.

SB Nation KC: Let's switch to Jonathan Baldwin. Is that a terrible reach or is that a good position for him in the draft?

Wes Bunting:
No, I like Jonathan Baldwin. People were killing this guy because he threw some people under the bus, like he's a diva character. You gotta do a backstory on these guys though. He's from Aliquippa, PA, the same place where Darrelle Revis is from. These guys just come with a chip on their shoulder. It's a little rougher background. Revis had the same type of concerns coming out and it's just a maturity thing. Baldwin's going to grow up.

From a talent perspective, Baldwin's in the same class as Julio Jones or A.J. Green. He tracks the football as well as any receiver in the draft, and that's what the Chiefs will want their wide receivers to do. I had him as my third rated wideout, and I wouldn't have any qualms taking him in the first round.

SB Nation KC: So minus character concerns, would you say there were three elite wide receivers in the draft -- at least talent-wise?

Wes Bunting
: No, there are two elite receivers here. But from a physical standpoint he was in the same realm, but he wasn't as an overall receiver. They were better receivers, but he's the same caliber athlete. I have him one tier below those guys.

SB Nation KC: What's the greatest weakness in terms of his game?

Wes Bunting:
Well, he's not a very good route runner at this stage. He has a tendency to steer down in his breaks and round off his routes. But he's a good vertical route runner -- the nine, the seven, the post route is where he's at his best where he can accelerate and track the football. Pittsburgh asked him to run these sharp routes and that's when he has to collect himself and slow down. I don't think he's ever going to be a great route runner in that area, but that's what Dwayne Bowe does. He's a inward-breaking guy, while Baldwin runs the vertical route.

SB Nation KC: I read someone who said Rodney Hudson was the best interior lineman outside of Mike Pouncey. Is that true or even arguable?

Wes Bunting:
In my mind, that's not true. I do like Hudson, but there were better players overall. He's a nice young guy who can bend and he's long-armed. Great drop getting out to the second level and chopping people down. I don't think he's overly balanced or technically sound in pass protection, but those long arms in terms of his natural athleticism really makes him tough to slip. I think he's going to be a solid starter in the NFL, but he's just not the best one outside of Pouncey.

SB Nation KC: I'd love to get your quick thoughts on some of the lower tier guys we may not know as much about. What does Scott Pioli see in Gabe Miller?

Wes Bunting
: He's a high motor guy, someone who gets after it each and every play. He uses his hands well and he's relentless in pursuit. That's one of the big things he really liked.

SB Nation KC: How does he compare to last year's choice of Cameron Sheffield? He was out for the year, so Chiefs fans aren't sure what he brings to the table either.

Wes Bunting:
No, Sheffield is more athletic and a better get-off guy. He's a little more flexible and an overall better athlete. More fluid. More explosive.

SB Nation KC: What about the corner, Jalil Brown?

Wes Bunting
: He's a size/speed corner. I've never been a major fan and I think the fifth or sixth round is where I'd feel comfortable taking him. He's got tight hips and that gets him into trouble, especially when asked to turn and run. But he gets up to speed quickly and he's got the length to be able to prep off the line. He's an outside corner only. You can't play him in the slot. But he could help you on tip coverage and be a good gunner on the outside as well.

SB Nation KC: What about Jerrelle Powe at nose tackle. Is he a rotational guy or what are the possibilities there?

Wes Bunting:
I think he's got the talent to start if he can keep his weight in check. If he can stay motivated to learn the playbook and stay in shape, those are the main concerns with him. He was a five-star kid coming out of high school and Bill Parcells said he was the only player he's ever seen who was ready to play in the NFL coming out of high school. So he's a really talented guy. He's an older prospect, but he's a longer player. He lost some weight in college and I think he even got down to 310 and he wasn't quite as good of an anchor player inside, but you saw his motor amp up. With the Chiefs, I like him more as a 320-330 player who can move off the football. I think if he can stay motivated, he can be the starting nose in KC.