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Eric Berry's Younger Brothers Being Recruited As Package Deal

While Elliot and Evan Berry played both ways in high school, they're being recruited for their defensive abilities -- just like their brother.

Evan and Elliot Berry have a good thing going for them even before any recruiter or coach sees any game tape of them. That's because they are the younger brothers of Kansas City Chiefs star safety Eric Berry. It's usually a great help to have solid bloodlines and the know-how that comes with familial connections on the field. Then again, most would agree that both Evan and Elliot Berry can produce enough on their own to speak for themselves.

The brothers have recently announced that they will be a package deal for whoever signs them -- whether it's Eric's alma mater at Tennessee (as well as their father) or whether they carve their own path at a different school. The Volunteers current standing in SEC play certainly can't help much at all, given the turmoil of recent seasons. The dramatic loss of Lane Kiffin and the middling success since Philip Fulmer's departure make the temperature in Knoxville lukewarm at best.

Evan Berry (5-11, 185) follows in the path of his brother, Eric, as a defensive back as the primary position for which he's being recruited. He played both ways as the quarterback as well as a safety, but teams are focusing on the defensive side. Elliot (6-0, 200) also played both ways as a tailback and linebacker, but teams are likely to also keep him on the defensive side of the ball.

As for the "other schools," Auburn is considered the favorite, but several schools have offered up two scholarships. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution lists Wisconsin, LSU and Virginia Tech among others, so it's clear the twins have options. Given the name recognition and the play of both brothers on the field, expect the impact of the Berry name to continue well past the talented older brother.