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Chiefs Casey Wiegmann On Possibly Retiring: 'It's Hard To Give It Up'

The Chiefs center is keeping his options open on the topic of retirement, but admits it's hard to stay away.

While there a few real holes on the Kansas City Chiefs roster, there are several uncertainties and the center position is one of them. Last year's starter Casey Wiegmann has long been rumored to retire this off-season yet without any official word, it's difficult for the Chiefs to move forward. According to a recent 810 WHB interview with Wiegmann, it's hard for the center himself to do the same.

A recent practice with Matt Cassel and others have Wiegmann missing the game and the competitive feel that comes when he's around the team. "I've been playing the game since the fourth grade and it's hard to give it up," says Wiegmann. "I miss being around the guys. When you get back to a three-day mini-camp which we did and get around the guys again, you think about playing again. It was a good time being with the guys, and it keeps your mind working in the right direction"

When it comes to any official word, Wiegmann admits he's still completely up in the air. "I haven't made any decision. Things have to be the right fit. I mean, I'm doing my thing just training and getting ready just in case something happens. I'll be ready if something happens, but like I said, it has to be the right fit ... Like I said, I'm just training and being ready in case anything happens. I can retire if I want to retire. I can play if I want to play. I just want to keep my options open."

Chiefs fans and even coaching staff would probably welcome back Wiegmann with open arms given his veteran leadership and presence on last year's team. However, the Chiefs do have other options including young lineman who could slide over from guard like draftee Rodney Hudson or Jon Asamoah or even Pro Bowl guard Brian Waters if need be. Yet adding Wiegmann to the 2011 squad would provide the mentoring presence those guys could use for one more season. Either way, the Chiefs won't know until Wiegmann himself sorts out his own feelings on the subject.