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NFL Lockout: Think You Have What It Takes? Play Kansas City Chiefs "Choose Your Own Adventure"

Do you ever wish that you were calling the shots for a NFL franchise? In the Kansas City Chiefs "Choose your own adventure" game you get to make the decisions that affect the outcome of every game of the season.

In case you missed the first edition, click here to go through the first four games of the season for the Chiefs. You'll start the adventure over at Arrowhead Pride and you will read through scenarios that present themselves in weeks 5-9 for the Kansas City Chiefs. They take on Indianapolis, Oakland, San Diego and Miami in this second quarter of the season.

At the end of each game scenario you'll chose between two different options. Click on the link of the choice you've made and a window will pop up and let you know your fate.

In this edition you get to play return man, fan, defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. Start your adventure right here and find out how good your decisions really are.