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NFL Free Agency: Vonta Leach Would Make Great Addition In Kansas City Chiefs' Backfield

As great as the Chiefs running game was last season — best in the NFL — there’s always room for improvement. That’s been the constant mindset of Todd Haley and Scott Pioli in their mantra to always think forward, to always get better at what you do, despite the successes that have gone before you. And if the Chiefs are serious about wanting to move forward at the running game, a certain fullback named Vonta Leach would make a wonderful addition to a backfield that’s already loaded.

The fullback for the Houston Texans is an unrestricted free agent and can call his own shots on whether or not he returns to lead Arian Foster to another rushing title. But several other teams are apparently interested and, at the end of the day, Leach’s primary concern seems to be taking advantage of this big payday he’s worked so hard to move toward. He recently told Sirius NFL host Adam Schein, “When you are the best at your position, you want to be compensated like it.”

That’s an understandable goal and one that the Chiefs have plenty of ability to help with given the tremendous amount of salary cap room. For Leach’s part, he deserves it given the results of his efforts, but plenty of suitors will be waiting to lure him to their teams in case Houston doesn’t make him their primary target. The Giants, Seahawks and Chargers are all apparently on his radar as well. Leach is primed for a nice paycheck next season and some team’s running game is going to be that much better because of it. If it’s the Chiefs, the NFL’s best rushing attack will get even better.