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Uniting Michael Vick and Brett Favre With Philadelphia Eagles Would Cause Media Explosion

The stories, the drama and the market would combine in Philadelphia for the most distracting locker room in NFL history.

The sound you just heard is Peter King's head exploding.

The latest rumor going around NFL circles and spilling out even beyond casual football fans is almost obnoxious in nature. Michael Vick, starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, recently came out with a statement that he would welcome Brett Favre as the back-up quarterback in Philly. And if you've ever thought a topic has been beaten to death in the past, you haven't witnessed anything yet.

Brett Favre is already the sort of rare athlete that everyone has an opinion about -- with several fans rolling their eyes at the mere mention of Favre at this point. Many fans would believe the best thing Favre could do is to give everyone a few years of rest from the yearly "will he or won't he" questions that inevitably come up every offseason. He's a definite Hall of Fame player and Canton will welcome him with open arms. But it would be nice to have a media break between now and then.

Remember the coverage of the last two times that Favre changed teams. Both the trade to the New York Jets and the arrival with the Minnesota Vikings were covered from beginning to end with every angle. Now, however, it felt like Favre was finally gone for good. The exit was substantive. He was finished and we were ready for him to be finished. The Wrangler finally had a ring of authenticity when it came to his retirement talks.

The insane part of this is that Favre only has one single NFL player who can legitimately touch him when it comes to media coverage. Not Peyton Manning. Not Tom Brady. Instead, only Vick has a similar spotlight over the last few years -- the sort of iconic player that causes such extremist opinions on who they are as a person and a player. Within the world of the NFL, Manning and Brady stand alongside Favre and Vick. Outside of football, however, these guys are a whole other breed -- mostly because of the drama that comes with their gameplay.

The media frenzy that would emerge from these two charismatic presences on the same team would be enough for local newspapers to hire more sports reporters than they have on staff already. But to place these men on the Philadelphia Eagles is another thing entirely. Philly is a larger market who already experienced a whirlwind of coverage over the quarterback controversy last year between Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. If you replace Kolb with Vick's media brother and you'll see more attention than you'll ever be able to stomach.

The reason for all of the drama runs deeper than you might realize. After all, if you think about it, these are the types of stories that we pay a good $8-10 to see at the movies on a Friday night -- the classic story of the great veteran coming back for one last shot or the ruined man looking for a second chance to right his wrongs. These are epic stories simply played out on a football field instead of outer space or in a historical war. There's a reason we pay such close attention.

It's not about whether or not Andy Reid can keep things from becoming a distraction. If Favre somehow joins the Eagles, Reid and his staff will have already resigned themselves to living with the circus. No matter how silent a coach is, how focused a team seems to be, with these two larger-than-life presences in the same camp, there's simply no way for the team to focus on anything else in the public eye.

If you need proof, just realize that we're already writing about this and all we have thus far is a quick, off-handed remark from a player with no personnel control whatsoever in a time where the team can't make any moves anyway. Favre and Vick are both that dominating in the media. Might as well get used to it.