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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Casey Wiegmann Returning To Kansas City Chiefs On One-Year Deal

The word coming out of several sources from Nick Wright to Aaron Wilson via Twitter is that Casey Wiegmann is officially back in Kansas City on a one year contract that should help maintain the dominant offensive interior from 2010 while also paving a way to the younger future Scott Pioli envisions with Jon Asamoah and new draft choice Rodney Hudson in house.

In recent months, Wiegmann was waffling back and forth over whether or not to sign with the Chiefs or retire. Yet as the NFL season got closer, it became clear that Wiegmann still had some interest in returning. The Chiefs have kept the option open for Wiegmann saying in interviews that they had an interest in bringing him back and that the final call was Wiegmann’s to make.

The 6-2 center entered the league in 1997 and will carry on an impressive run that few NFL centers can boast of. That’s the sort of experience that will provide a perfect first year of tutelage for Hudson where he can learn from such experienced veterans who have been around for some time. Since Hudson can play both guard and center, having Wiegmann and Brian Waters both, along with Ryan Lilja, is the ideal environment for the transition to the next level.