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NFL Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Have Signed Eight Undrafted Free Agents Thus Far

This list is in no way official and will definitely grow, probably even by the time I finish writing this. But in our hope to keep you fully informed and up to the moment, it seemed the right time to detail the eight undrafted free agents that the Kansas City Chiefs have signed so far.

The Chiefs have yet to add any longshot quarterback or running back to the roster, but other than that the players run the gamut of positions. Note the list below:

Charlie Gantt – Tight End – Michigan State
David Mims – Offensive Lineman – Virginia Union
Chris Harr – Offensive Lineman – UT-Chattanooga
Mike Ingersoll – Offensive Lineman – North Carolina
Demond Washington – Cornerback – Auburn
Josue Paul – Wide Receiver – Central Connecticut
Brandon Bair – Defensive Tackle – Oregon
Lucas Patterson – Defensive Lineman – Texas A&M

As we mentioned, more will definitely be added and the Chiefs are a prime spot for a quarterback trying to nail a practice squad or even third QB spot on the roster, so expect some type of signing there. This number should even double by Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ll keep you posted.