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NFL Free Agency Quick Hits: Latest News On DeAngelo Williams, Frank Gore, Olindo Mare

The latest word on various players this NFL offseason includes even more signings, resignings and word on a probable holdout that should leave one rookie coach rather frustrated. Here’s the latest Quick Hits for you this afternoon:

*Frank Gore is rumored to be holding out once everyone returns to camp, which will create a troublesome situation for a new head coach in Jim Harbaugh as he tries to establish a new tone, work ethic and chemistry on the team. The franchise is already behind, as all teams are, in terms of working in new schemes and plays, so this puts the 49ers behind the 8-ball in a division that’s actually quite open for the taking. Here’s wondering if Gore knows that drama might work to his advantage in any negotiations.

*DeAngelo Williams will not be following John Fox to Denver after all now that he’s signed a five-year, $43 million deal to stay in Carolina. Ron Rivera now has his two main offensive and defensive cornerstones back after Carolina could have lost both players to free agency. If any team is doing well this offseason, it’s the Panthers, who could use every piece of good news they can get.

*Olindo Mare is leaving Seattle, which means a bit of a kicking carousel is going to take place. The Seahawks didn’t place the franchise tag earlier, so they’re now forced to look at rookies and free agents. Not that Mare was that consistent over his tenure in Seattle anyway, but it is an interesting loss of note.