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NFL Free Agency: San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks Among Losers So Far

We’ve already assessed a few early winners of the NFL Free Agency period despite the still consistent flurry of moves back and forth that bring one team good news and then bad the next minute. Despite the ups and downs that come with such an offseason, some teams have already made some bad moves or just experienced some rotten luck. Here are the losers as we see it.

Buffalo Bills – Throughout the 2010 season, two NFL franchises teetered on the brink of finally turning the proverbial corner: the Lions and the Bills. But what both teams need to do this offseason is cement their future with the right moves to put them over the top. For the Bills, things aren’t quite going according to plan.

Specifically the “loser” mentality revolves around one key player: linebacker Paul Posluszny. The captain of the defensive middle is now gone, leaving the Bills with a gaping hole in the middle of an already weak position. Adding Aaron Wilson and Marcel Dareus is great, but there have to be some playmakers in the middle, especially experienced ones, and the Bills lost the one player they couldn’t afford to.

Seattle Seahawks – No one knows what exactly they are thinking. They could potentially lose DT Brandon Mebane to Denver and they’ve already traded franchise quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for Tarvaris Jackson — at least indirectly. If you’re muddled at the game’s most important position, you’re bound for some disappointment.

Thus far, they’ve lost their kicker, Olindo Mare, to the Panthers and they’re bound to lose some more, including offensive linemen like Sean Locklear or Chris Spencer. There’s also Raheem Brock to worry about. Plenty of talent could be going out and the early talent coming in is hardly inspiring. Pair this with the odd reach in the NFL Draft’s first round with James Carpenter and you have a confusing offseason to date.

San Francisco 49ers – With a new head coach comes a lot of transition, but the 49ers are apparently going to have to practice and learn without their best offensive player in Frank Gore as he holds out. The team also lost Takeo Spikes quickly in free agency and Aubrayo Franklin could be the next one out the door. If the team loses out to the New York Jets for Nnamdi Asomugha, things could get ugly for Jim Harbaugh before he even has a chance to right the ship.

Some impressive rookies were brought and Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick will provide athleticism and excitement on both sides, but there are several holes to fill and having your best player distract the entire team is not the way to start a new slate.

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