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Kansas City Chiefs Free Agent Signings: Getting To Know OT Chris Harr

Yesterday, the word was announced that left tackle Chris Harr from UT-Chattanooga had signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. But like many undrafted free agents, many fans were left wondering who exactly he was given the smaller school and corresponding level of notoriety that comes with it.

The good news is that Harr has apparently been on Scott Pioli’s radar for some time, meaning the Chiefs definitely got their man. Harr told the Times Free Press in Chattanooga that the Chiefs were among five teams who contacted him after the draft, but he went with the team who had been interested in him for such a long time:

“They’ve been after me since the beginning, and they really like me. “It’s a good opportunity there, and I just thought it was the best fit for me.” Harr said the Chiefs began showing an interest in him after the 2010 season opener against Appalachian State.

There are a few offensive linemen among the Chiefs signings, but it should be a good franchise to try to snag a late roster spot with given the Chiefs lack of depth at the tackle positions. Harr’s listed size ranges from 6-4 to 6-6 and from 285 to 300 pounds. Sports Illustrated describes him as nimble and quick and praises his awareness and notes a bottom line of “Harr is as a zone blocking prospect for the next level who has potential to be a backup at a number of positions.”