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With Steve Breaston, Kansas City Chiefs Offense Has 'Chance To Explode Every Week'

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have to be feeling pretty good as they wake up this morning. Sure there are still holes here and there (i.e. middle linebacker and defensive tackle), but the offense of the Chiefs could potentially mirror the great Chiefs offenses of the '90s. That's because the addition of first round draft choice Jonathan Baldwin and new free agent signee Steve Breaston brings Matt Cassel an incredible array of targets. And that makes the Chiefs a threat every time they get the football.

The potency of the Chiefs offense gained national attention last season with the emergence of Jamaal Charles. In 2011, the Chiefs face a significantly more difficult schedule, but they're aiming to improve their weaknesses with time to spare. The holes at wide receiver, quite frankly, have become a strength. While another receiver would be a welcome addition for depth and with the probability that Baldwin will take a bit to adjust, the reality is that the Chiefs now seem set at receiver. They're not the Packers, but the overall offensive picture is quite bright.

ESPN's Bill Williamson reinforces this sunny scenario when he describes the Chiefs offense. He writes, "I expect Baldwin to be ready to contribute right away. He is a vertical threat who will stretch the field. A Bowe, Baldwin, Breaston receiving trio is strong and it’s much better than last year’s receiving crew when it was Bowe and no one else. Add second-year tight end Tony Moeaki and second-year running back/receiver Dexter McCluster and the Chiefs have one of the most varied passing offenses in the NFL"

As he closes his latest column, he says Cassel should be drooling with this many weapons and finally writes, "Yes, folks, this offense has a chance to explode on a weekly basis." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.