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NFL Free Agency Quick Hits: Braylon Edwards, Jason Babin, Nnamdi Asomugha Rumors

The NFL continues its crazy carousel and if you choose to use the restroom or make a sandwich, well, you’re bound to miss the latest signing or two. So in our efforts to keep you posted during this free agency signing period, we offer this morning’s latest round of Quick Hits:

*Jason Babin has officially signed a five-year deal with the Eagles after being connected to the Chiefs along with half of the NFL and CFL. The Eagles get a pass rusher coming into his own and most believe it’s a good fit for new coordinator Juan Castillo. The Eagles continue to draft and sign solid d-linemen year after year so this marriage is no surprise.

*John Clayton of ESPN is tweeting that Braylon Edwards might be the new target of the Minnesota Vikings after losing Sidney Rice to a mega-deal in Seattle. Edwards is the odd man out given the New York Jets resigning of Santonio Holmes to big money and their hopes for Nnadmi Asomugha (see below). The Chiefs signed Steve Breaston and Edwards is going to find limited options for big money soon enough. Giving McNabb a solid veteran target to complement that offense would be a nice personnel move given their losses.

*Speaking of Asomugha, the Jets are zeroing in on him with nearly $10 million in salary cap room left and more smoke than any other NFL rumor right now. Darrelle Revis is already bringing up how loaded a secondary they would become, and it appears that Asomugha might just make the Jets even more fierce than last year. That also opens up things for Jim Leonhard and makes that vaunted Rex Ryan defense astounding. It’s no wonder that Bill Belichick is making moves to bring in Albert Haynesworth.