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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Steve Smith Stays, Malcolm Floyd Goes, Steven Tulloch Wonders

Just when you finish one column, it’s time to start another. Such is life when you’re covering the NFL Free Agency period in this crazy offseason. The latest round of player news is good for Carolina, bad for San Diego and disappointing for a few players. Here’s the latest rumor round-up:

*Steven Tulloch has been rumored to head to the Detroit Lions for some time given his connection to Jim Schwartz, the former Titans defensive coordinator. Now apparently he’s not targeted by the Lions at all, leaving Tulloch to wonder where to go next. Several teams have holes at middle linebacker, and expect the Buffalo Bills to swoop in and at least check him out given the loss of Paul Posluszny.

*Philip Daniels just tweeted the news that he’s been released after a solid career with the Washington Redskins. The talented end should find a new home given his continued productivity and the constant need for even a rotational player along the defensive line. Even at 38, he still had 28 tackles and 2 sacks last season.

*Steve Smith isn’t headed anywhere as Carolina continues its magical offseason of signing and retaining players that are key to its future. Apparently Smith likes where the team is headed and has rescinded his trade demand to head coach Ron Rivera.

*Malcolm Floyd is rumored to be heading to the Vikings or at least another team away from San Diego. That’s good news for the AFC West who won’t have to contend with another dangerous target for Philip Rivers, and Floyd might just be the best wideout left on the open market.