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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Could Vince Young Head To Oakland Raiders?

The quarterback ranks of the AFC West can be easily split down the middle between two categories: the sure things and the complete unknowns. The ridiculous situation in Denver has rumors that Tim Tebow isn’t even looking as good as Brady Quinn in throwing sessions. They’re also not even sure what’s happening with Kyle Orton. On the other hand, Oakland isn’t that much better, which is possibly why Vince Young could be headed there to compete for a back-up role.

Young certainly hasn’t lived up to the hype of his Rose Bowl performance that landed him near the top of the NFL Draft for the Titans. Instead of becoming the next great dual threat quarterback, personal issues and lack of consistency and leadership eventually got him the boot from Nashville and now has him searching for a home. Adam Schefter is reporting that the spot could be in the AFC West.

Hue Jackson is taking over the controls in Oakland this year and the former offensive coordinator should have the Raiders dangerous on that end. Perhaps he would be the right coach to work with VY and take him to that next level. They already have Jason Campbell in house, which is about as comforting as having a windbreaker in a hurricane, and the same can be said for back-up Kyle Boller.

Perhaps the Raiders will just throw veteran spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. That’s not a bad approach if Jackson can center the team around the run with Darren McFadden. Even more important is keeping tight end Zach Miller for whoever ends up throwing the ball.