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NFL Free Agency: Peter King Predicts Kansas City Chiefs Will Make A 'Big Signing Soon'

Whether it’s Aubrayo Franklin or not, Peter King was responding to followers on Twitter asking various questions tonight when the idea of the Chiefs next move came up. King responded with “KC w/a big signing soon … I don’t know, but they’re still in the market for a stalwart. If I knew who, I’d tell you.”

On the surface, that seems like nothing of consequence — it’s easy, after all, for any reporter to say that a specific team is going to make a big signing. But King apparently has heard something from the Chiefs camp, although it’s also not surprising that the same source is tight-lipped about any more details given the total silent treatment the media is usually given about rumors.

Aubrayo Franklin is often rumored to be heading to KC and a deal might be in place there. Certainly defensive tackle is the biggest need since the Chiefs lost Ron Edwards to the Carolina Panthers. However, don’t assume the Chiefs are done shopping in the linebacker, secondary or offensive tackle categories as well.

A safety like Donte Whitner is still available. Jared Gaither is a dynamic young tackle left on the board. Cullen Jenkins is still there as well. Lots of names for the taking although the list grows smaller with each passing hour. The Chiefs will make some announcement soon, and here’s guessing it’s a new deal with Tamba Hali or a new signing in the form of Aubrayo Franklin. Yet given Pioli’s history, don’t be surprised if he’s kept a big move under the radar.