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Kansas City Chiefs Will Not Miss Brian Waters' Performance On The Field

There's no doubt that today the Kansas City Chiefs said goodbye to a football hero when they announced the release of Brian Waters. The longtime guard should garner Hall of Fame consideration after a storied career that included five-time Pro Bowl appearances, and there's a reason why Adam Schefter noted that he was among the best to ever play the position when he was in his prime. That being said, Waters' time was over in Kansas City as a productive member along the offensive line, so no one should be swayed by his reputation alone.

That's what Waters was coasting on through the end of the 2010 season, when somehow he won his last Pro Bowl nomination. It was surprising considering that Jon Asamoah was beginning to fill in and that younger, faster defensive linemen were getting through places that Waters used to plug. Simply put, signs of slowing down were readily apparent and Waters was not the player that he used to be.

That doesn't take away from what is a stellar playing career -- a man who is truly one of the single greatest Chiefs of all time. That said, some fans are wondering what KC is thinking in dumping Waters and are believing he will be the great addition to their own line. And it's only when you see him up close and pay attention past the name recognition that you realize that even Waters has the turning point when greatness ends and reality begins.

The Chiefs are correct in their choice to move on from here. They've drafted to be ready for this moment and have very impressive talent already in house with Asamoah and Rodney Hudson. Chiefs fans will be pleased by their new left guard, and it's important to remember that he learned behind the absolute best. If the Chiefs struggle in 2010 for some reason, it will not be because of a personnel move like this.