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Time To Learn: Cam Newton Finally Lands With Carolina Panthers On Four Year Deal

The effects of the new CBA can be found most in this year’s rookie signings, where it seems that most teams have locked up their rookies within a matter of days, and the number one overall selection, Cam Newton, is in camp as quickly as anyone else. The Carolina Panthers have to be pleased with the results, since Newton will need as much time as anyone this offseason to get up to speed for the chance to help his team.

Whether or not he will break camp as the starter, at the very least, it would do him good to play as much as possible this preseason. Jimmy Clausen is already in house and could remain the starter until the team deems Newton is ready. But last year’s abysmal rookie season for Clausen means the leash should be short — especially because anyone responsible for choosing Clausen was fired.

The Panthers have made Newton comfortable financially as as well on the roster, keeping most of their playmakers while adding several more. Newton has the chance to be something really special in the NFL, and the Panthers are doing everything they can to make it work. The rest is up to him.