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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Will Chiefs Sign Aubrayo Franklin After Reaching Deal With Kelly Gregg?

Aubrayo Franklin and the Kansas City Chiefs have thus far been the two friends that everyone believes should be together other than apparently the two parties involved. Given enough time, those friends might or might not come together. But is there room for Franklin on the Chiefs now that they have signed former Baltimore Raven defensive tackle Kelly Gregg? You might not think so.

Yet a quick look at the Chiefs defensive tackle picture is still a bit thin (well, only on the roster, since thin is not an appropriate descriptor of any NFL lineman). Joel Thorman over at Arrowhead Pride had been tipped that some “interesting” move was coming, and he believes this is it. Gregg is indeed a nice signing, someone with a lot of deep playoff experience who has played for some of the best defensive units and coordinators for the last decade.

But Gregg is also 34-years-old, something that doesn’t phase Thorman in his belief the Chiefs are finished at the position other than a minor addition here or there. But with cash to spend, is it possible the Chiefs strike on two of the best defensive tackle positions and turn the position into an abundant one? Franklin, after all, would sign a long-term deal, giving the Chiefs a starter past this year.

There are other holes to fill, however, so I agree with Thorman. What I could see is a signing of a once-promising DT who has yet to make good on that potential like the CardinalsAlan Branch or a valuable rotational player like the ColtsEric Foster. The Chiefs are still a bit thin here in my opinion, since Jerelle Powe is still a sixth rounder, no matter how much he was hyped in years past.