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Chiefs Rumors: Peter King Says Patriots' Ty Warren Can Be Had For 'Something Close To The Minimum'

Certainly the ties to Scott Pioli has to have everyone wondering whether or not the Kansas City will sweep in on any of the recent New England cuts. Right tackle Nick Kaczur is now available. So is tight end Alge Crumpler. But it’s defensive end Ty Warren who might provide some important depth, playoff experience and ability along the defensive line.

Peter King recently sent out a message on Warren saying, “I also hear Ty Warren can be had for something close to the minimum if he could go to a contender. Not going back to NE.” If the Patriots are done with Warren, then the most familiar team outside of New England would be the Chiefs, who have dipped into the “former Patriot” pool a few times now.

The Chiefs are definitely a playoff team with 10 wins last year and a dynamic young core on offense and defense. The additions of Kelly Gregg at NT and Steve Breaston at WR only enhance that standing. If Warren can be brought to camp for the veteran minimum, why not pull the trigger on a move that brings so much for so little?

It wasn’t so long ago that Warren was a strong member of a celebrated Patriots defensive line. While health concerns and a scheme change ran him out of Foxboro, there might be enough left in the tank to make such an offer.