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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Oakland Raiders Choose Khalif Barnes Over Jared Gaither After All

So much for the Oakland Raiders improving their offensive line. Or did they? That’s the question in the wake of the Raiders apparently deciding not to sign former Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jared Gaither in free agency, as they instead choose Khalif Barnes who had been with the Raiders the last two seasons, starting 3 games last year.

Gaither’s injured back is still a cause for concern for the Raiders, as it will be for any other team interested in his services. But if a team can be patient on the line, Gaither is the best tackle on the market when healthy. The Raiders will lose a bit going with Barnes at right tackle but that’s better than having an inactive Gaither.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson believes the Raiders can come back to Gaither after they feel better about his health. Then again, that will be the very reason why other teams would come in as well. The Raiders might be smart to reconsider and sign him, waiting for the back to heal while on their roster.