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NFL Free Agency Update: Nick Barnett Great Addition In Buffalo, Todd Heap Becomes Cardinal Target For Kevin Kolb

Just when you think that player news might begin to dwindle given the sheer amount of players who have already signed, along comes another afternoon like today's that has even more player movement in the NFL. It's easy to forget how many players are up for grabs at this point via trade or free agency, and there won't be another offseason like it for some time. With that said, here's some news briefs on the latest:

*For a team that has their guts ripped out on defense with the loss of Paul Posluszny to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Nick Barnett is a nice consolation prize. He'll have a problem staying healthy and he's definitely on the other side of 30, but Barnett does all things well in the middle. He can rush the passer, he's solid against the run and he can drop back in coverage. He's a great consolation prize, and Buddy Nix did a nice job filling a void they might not have expected to. Given the additions of Marcell Dareus and Aaron Williams among others, the Bills are much better off on defense than last season.

*Todd Heap immediately becomes the best tight end the Cardinals have had for some time, even at this point in his career. Kevin Kolb should enjoy having Heap as an outlet alongside perhaps the best wide receiver in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald. It's vital for the Cards to replace Steve Breaston and also solidify the running game, so expect some further moves to bolster the offense around their new prized investment.

*The Vikings are in discussions to extend the contract of Chad Greenway on a long-term extension that would keep the talented linebacker in Minnesota for several more years. Expect to hear several more announcements like this over the next few weeks as team use their cap space to reward their best young players. Last year, Greenway had a team high and career high in tackles with 144.