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Todd Haley: Success Or Failure Of Kansas City Chiefs Rookies Also Rests On Coaches

During his briefing yesterday afternoon at Chiefs training camp, Kansas City head coach Todd Haley was asked about the learning curve for rookies in a year where there were no offseason activities or workouts and where they're coming just a few weeks before their very first NFL regular season game. It's a different world this year in the NFL, one that might have some rookies out of step with where they could be if they'd been with coaches and playbooks for some time.

"There's always a really steep learning curve, and I think it's even a steeper one for them this year," said Haley. "They've missed a lot of what they might have had in the past. They've got to find a way to make it work, but I'll bring that back to coaching. I think the coaches that have the best plan to handle those guys and get those acclimated, integrated and assimilated into the team will be the most successful. But it's by no means easy."

Still Haley explained that he thinks the Chiefs can be ready if he and the rest of his staff do their job.

"My only goal is to be ready on September 11. I'm not worried and I don't want our guys worried about anything else. We've got to really be worried about the Kansas City Chiefs and what we're doing in all aspects of our team to get ready for that game to start the season. It's not a lot of time, but it's enough time if you get it right -- and you get some breaks."

He added that last bit on the end, and seemingly with a bit of a smirk. Yet it's interesting that the NFL's lucky breaks seem to reward the teams that are the most prepared. You can call it luck, but the Chiefs hard work ethic will end up being rewarded in the end -- even if it's by fate.