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Adam Schefter: Randy Moss Chooses To Retire Rather Than Sign As A Free Agent

Just hours after a report emerges that the Kansas City Chiefs have taken a closer look at Randy Moss as a free agent target, the always reliable Adam Schefter of ESPN has come out saying that Moss has chosen retirement. What an about face.

There are a couple of instant conclusions that come to mind when something like this is announced. Obviously, Moss was not finding a proper home for his talents — as teams might not have wanted the drama, wanted to get younger or simply didn’t believe that Moss was the player he once was. After all, Moss disappeared last season once he left the Patriots and coming back might have only blemished his reputation instead of adding another quality season to it.

Secondly, this announcement should be taken with some caution. Moss is the kind of personality who would certainly turn around a decision like that if given the right opportunity. In fact, the only way I would believe that Moss is completely finished in the league is if he fails to appear at all this year. In other words, seeing is believing with a player like Moss.

Honestly, the lack of quality wideouts in a pass-happy NFL should bring Moss back to the surface — at least that’s my guess. Those teams that look at their rookies and the remaining free agents will soon find a place for Moss, and at least they will call him and ask if he’s seriously out of it. We’ll find out then the substance of this announcement, but it is surprising seeing as Moss is one of the greatest active receivers in recent NFL history.

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