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NFL Free Agency: Ty Warren Set To Visit The Kansas City Chiefs

The Denver Post is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs will visit with former Patriots defensive end and 2003 first-round draft pick Ty Warren.

The Chiefs lost Ron Edwards and Shaun Smith so far in free agency and have already filled one of those holes by signing former Baltimore Ravens nose tackle, Kelly Gregg. If the Chiefs were to add a player like Warren, it would definitely help upgrade a defensive line that was looking a little weak after losing both Edwards and Smith.

Warren has already visited the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos and left both of those teams without signing a contract. That's good news for Chiefs fans that have been waiting for more action from the Chiefs front office. Bringing in veteran defensive lineman like Gregg and Warren would upgrade the team for the immediate future, and provide veteran leadership for the young defensive lineman that the Chiefs need to count on next season and beyond. Jerrel Powe, Allen Bailey, Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey would benefit from this addition.

It's just a scheduled visit for right now and nothing is official. But Warren has to like what the Chiefs offer and his familiarity with Scott Pioli is an added benefit for the Chiefs pursuit of his services.

A defensive line rotation of Jackson, Dorsey, Gilberry, Gregg, Powe, Bailey and Warren would look good on paper for the Chiefs.