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Three Points Of Frustration From Kansas City Chiefs Loss To Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Chiefs looked downright horrible Friday night against the Bucs.

What positive can really be said on the Kansas City Chiefs' behalf in the 25-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers other than point out the fact that it's a meaningless preseason game. Beyond that, it was a lopsided nightmare.

But that one point is the most important. Many starters didn't play. The offense wasn't unleashed. The idea is not about wins and losses in these four contests that comprise the preseason schedule. Yet that's hard to remember when you're watching a shutout unfold on your home turf.

While there might be several to point out, here are three key points of frustration to keep you up tonight as we mull over tonight's loss:

1. What Offensive Gameplan? -
Simply put, the entire offensive gameplan seemed to be focused on giving Jackie Battle carries. Matt Cassel didn't make a single throw. Other starters didn't play. It was really a retreat from the beginning when Cassel even seemed visibly upset by coming out at the opening bell and running on three straight plays, including third and long with Dexter McCluster.

It's as if Todd Haley didn't want anything to do with this game whatsoever. Perhaps there's a case for staying injury free and getting out while players aren't yet appropriately conditioned and use later preseason games to really get up to speed. The issue with that is every team is dealing with the same cards and the Bucs look a lot sharper than the Chiefs given the same offseason limitations. The offense tonight didn't make any sense.

2. Turnovers - Everyone will say it's early in the preseason and everyone's timing is off. But the fumbles in the first quarter were inexcusable at any level and it took the Chiefs out of play and out of rhythm early on. By the time the Chiefs actually held the ball for some time, Cassel was long gone and the sparse home crowd never got to see any real play for their troubles. The Chiefs were fifth overall in turnover differential last year, and the tougher schedule will make that very difficult to repeat. The Chiefs cannot afford to make miscues on their own and help the opposing defense.

3. Offensive Sieve, er, Line - Six sacks. Six. The Chiefs offensive line tonight was a major work in progress and all that shifting around on the line might have created more questions than expected. To say that it was the Chiefs back-ups and not the starters is to forget the other team was playing their back-ups as well. Both Palko and Stanzi never had much time and were always evading the opposing pass rush, so neither Bill Muir, Jim Zorn or Todd Haley could get any kind of accurate read on the back-up quarterback situation.