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Matt Cassel's Progression Coming Slowly In Kansas City Chiefs Preseason

Matt Cassel has the weapons he needs to succeed, but now he must put it all together for the Chiefs to succeed.

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He didn't throw a pass in the first game. His second game was rather meaningless. This is a critical season for Matt Cassel as he now has the expectations of being at the top of the AFC West, especially with the additional weapons he's been given. So far, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback hasn't put anything meaningful together in the preseason.

The Chiefs goal at this point, however, is simply to be ready for September 11. But that's a date coming soon, despite what Todd Haley preaches about the lack of expectations in preseason, Pro Football Focus' Nathan Janke says Cassel was hardly ready from what developed last night against the Baltimore Ravens.

Janke writes, "On their first three possessions, each of Matt Cassel’s throws went to either Bowe or Moeaki. The passing game generally looked to be very much off: Cassel threw a pass too low to Bowe, one too high, and another behind him and the attempt in Moeaki’s direction was dropped. These were followed by a ball thrown behind Thomas Jones, and two quick slants to Jerheme Urban that failed to connect. Cassel ended with a few very short completions to pad his statistics, but none of it led  to points. More play like that from the Chiefs’ passing game and there’s no hope for a return trip to the playoffs."

The offseason addition of Steve Breaston gives Cassel that other receiving weapon he lacked last season, and even though Jon Baldwin is currently out, he will also be an addition providing Cassel with an outlet. Tony Moeaki is going to be that much more potent in his second season, while Dexter McCluster will also be added to the mix. Given the success of the ground game, Cassel simply has to step it up this season.

The offense will continue to unfold more and more as the preseason goes on, but the first glimpses of the passing game leave much to be desired. It's a good thing the Chiefs early schedule is light in the secondary units that Cassel will face in case he takes a few weeks to get going. Chiefs fans hope that won't even be an issue.