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New Chiefs Tight End Anthony Becht Spoke Of Broadcasting Career Just Six Days Ago

In an interesting twist on the career path of Anthony Becht, the latest free agent signing of the Kansas City Chiefs, the tight end was apparently ready to start his broadcasting career with SportsNet New York. That’s not a surprising development given the fact that the well-traveled tight end was out of football for all of last season after being cut last September by the Arizona Cardinals. But it is surprising how quickly he was in and out of the broadcasting business. Apparently, Scott Pioli was able to convince him for one last go-around.

A recent interview with the New York Post featured Becht as commentator looking forward to the Jets upcoming season. Becht spent his first several seasons in the league with the Jets, and was their first round draft choice in 2000. In the last question, Becht responded about his new career choice:

Coming back to New York (he lives in Tampa), I think it’s great. I’ve kept close ties with a lot of people in the Jets organization. I really like the market and the team, and I’m doing as much as I can. I am not a guy that had 20 Pro Bowl seasons. So, it’s just like football. You have to work your way up, work through the loops and go that way.

Apparently he’s willing to put that career ladder on hold as he tries to work his way up in the Chiefs organization with a strong showing among current tight ends with what’s left of training camp. The Chiefs apparently saw something in Becht’s blocking skills to bring him in, and now it’s up to him to seize that opportunity.