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Kansas City Chiefs Have No. 2 Fullback In NFL In Le'Ron McClain

In the running series over at ESPN, Scouts, Inc. has developed new ratings and rankings for the top players in the NFL. And in their new fullback rankings revealed today, the Kansas City Chiefs have the second best fullback in the entire NFL in new free agent signing Le'Ron McClain.

It's no surprise that McClain is listed so high, since he's already a two-time Pro Bowler at age 26. He was signed away from the Ravens to bolster a running unit that was already the No. 1 rushing attack in the NFL with Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. Chiefs fans now hope the success in the running game continues as McClain uses his skills to complement what was already present.

Scouts, Inc.'s profile describes McClain with the following:

McClain has developed into one of the more physical lead blockers in the league. He is a big, strong player with deceptive agility and quickness. McClain has enough speed and quickness to get to the corner on perimeter leads.

As a ball carrier, he is effective running between the tackles in short-yardage and goal-line situations. He has good vision to the hole with some ability to adjust and hit the hole with good pad level. He takes good angles to seal for position after attacking the line of scrimmage. He has good overall quickness, agility and balance to secure and sustain his blocks. He also has adequate hands as a receiver out of the backfield. McClain is a great fit for what the Ravens want to be, which is a physical, hard-nosed offensive unit.

It's clear the Chiefs are going to be capable of even more things in 2011 with a more well-rounded passing game and the addition of McClain. The Ravens won't miss McClain given they signed the No. 1 fullback on the Scouts, Inc. list in Vonta Leach, but the Chiefs are certainly better at the position.