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Madden '12: Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles Latest In Long Line Of Great Video Game Rushers

The Kansas City Chiefs have long been known for their ability to run the football, and their team performance in 2010 was only the latest instance in a long line of dynamic rushers. The interesting anecdote is that the Chiefs have likewise dominated the sports video game market in the same way as football games have become more and more prevalent in popular culture.

Taking a closer look at the top running backs in the upcoming Madden '12 video game release, Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs starter, comes in as the third best RB in the league in terms of overall rating -- right behind Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson. At a 95 overall rating, Charles should dominate in the virtual NFL in much the same way he did last season. And he's the latest in a long line of dominant Chiefs in the virtual realm.

"The Chiefs have one of the best traditions of video game running backs in the history of cyber sports," writes ESPN's Jon Robinson. "Think about it: Guys like Christian Okoye, Priest Holmes, and Larry Johnson all dominated throughout the years, and this season, it's Jamaal Charles' turn to take that next step toward video game cult hero status. And why not -- with 98 speed, 98 acceleration, 98 agility, and 99 elusiveness, Charles is right up there with the best backs in the game."

In addition to Charles, the Chiefs also have Thomas Jones, who's rated as an 84 overall in the game. Jones features an 76 strength compared to Charles at 60. He also has an 84 toughness compared to Charles at 65. In other words, even in the video game world of Madden football, Jones is the perfect complementary runner to Charles athleticism.