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Shannon Sharpe Hall Of Fame Speech Video: 'One Day I'm Gonna Have Money'

The charismatic star is not only one of the best tight ends the Chiefs ever faced in the AFC, but he's also a truly gifted speaker.

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For many years, Shannon Sharpe did all of his speaking on the field. This weekend, he achieved the same charismatic level of speaking from the podium during the NFL's Hall of Fame weekend at Canton, Ohio. As one of the most talented and even feared tight ends in NFL history, Sharpe made his indelible mark on the field for years terrorizing AFC West opponents like the Kansas City Chiefs during his truly special career with the Denver Broncos. After this weekend, he will be immortalized alongside the other offensive greats in the NFL.

During his memorable speech, Sharpe discussed his background, including playing for his grandmother who wanted him to be a good man and provide a home that doesn't get wet when it rains. Make sure to check out the entire video, because the whole thing is worth watching, even at 30 minutes.

You can check out the video here.