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Buffalo Bills And Ryan Fitzpatrick Putting On Clinic Against Kansas City Chiefs Defense In Third Quarter

The Chiefs look abysmal through three quarters.

If it wasn't for the embarrassment going on in Reliant Stadium as the Houston Texans roll over the Indianapolis Colts, the Chiefs-Bills game would be the statement of the day. The Chiefs are currently losing at home to the Buffalo Bills -- yes, the Bills of all teams on the Chiefs difficult schedule -- 33-7 in the third quarter. As three fourths of the game comes to a close, Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick already has 4 touchdown passes, throwing 16 of 24 passes for 203 yards.

This performance is surprising for a team that was supposed to struggle in the passing game due to a poor offensive line and no wideouts. The media blasted the Bills for failing to secure any significant help up front and even more so when they traded veteran wide receiver Lee Evans to the Baltimore Ravens for a fourth round pick. Instead, tight end Scott Chandler has two touchdown catches and Stevie Johnson and Donald Jones each have one. David Nelson also has 4 catches for 66 yards.

As for the Chiefs, it's been a clinic against them all game. They've allowed almost 100 rushing yards to Fred Jackson. They're 3 for 9 on third down conversions. They've lost two fumbles. Matt Cassel is averaging 3.6 yards/pass. It's been a disappointment all around -- on offense, defense and special teams. Here's hoping the fourth quarter brings some good news, but thus far it's been a miserable opening week for the Chiefs.