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Kansas City Chiefs Look Absolutely Pathetic In Buffalo Bills Game

There’s no other phrase to use. Perhaps you could say horrible. “Embarrasing” comes to mind. Kent Babb perhaps said it best over Twitter: “Who could blame people for leaving? This is claw-your-eyes-out bad.” The bottom line is that the Chiefs failed to properly execute anything meaningful on Sunday in a game that should have been a victory given the Bills performance last season and the Arrowhead location. Instead, the Chiefs have been schooled on their home turf and must face the constant barrage of “pretender” status for the next week.

Is that true? Are the Chiefs just pretenders who parlayed a light schedule in 2010 into a 10-win season? Were they lucky the Chargers stunk it up at the right time as well? It’s hard to say at this point, but it’s important to note that there’s still a lot of talent on both sides of the ball for the Chiefs to not right the ship to some degree. While the playoffs might seem funny to even bring up at this point, it is only one game.

However, it’s a telling game. It’s definitely one that leaves an impression that the Kansas City Chiefs are a team that simply were not ready for the regular season in any way, shape or form. Jamaal Charles impressed today when given limited chances. Tamba Hali got his quarterback sack. Other than that, the Chiefs have looked miserable midway through the fourth quarter. We’ll have more analysis later, but Chiefs fans (and personnel) must be miserable on a day like today.