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Eric Berry Injury: Kansas City Chiefs Cannot Afford To Lose Berry For Season

The Kansas City Chiefs may have a much bigger problem than just getting over the loss to the Bills.

The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost arguably their most important defensive player for a considerable amount of time this season in the first quarter of Sunday's loss to Buffalo.

Eric Berry left the game in the first quarter against the Bills with an apparent left-knee injury and never returned to the game. According to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, Berry's injury could be serious. From watching the film from Sunday's game, it doesn't look good when Berry goes down clutching his left knee.

The Chiefs got a glimpse on Sunday what the season could look like in the defensive backfield if Berry isn't back there, and it's not a pretty sight. Sabby Piscitelli has no business playing anything but special teams and Jon McGraw doesn't provide the same playmaking ability as Berry, both in the pass game and the run-game.

Besides Matt Cassel, it could be argued that Berry is the most important player on the Chiefs team as far as the team not being able to overcome their injury. If the Chiefs have to get over this absolute thrashing by the Bills and have to deal with the loss of Berry for the season this week, it could have dire consequences for this teams' psyche heading into next weeks' game against Detroit.

It's not a stretch to say that if Berry is lost for the season, the hopes for a repeat performance from the defending AFC west champions is all but gone. He's just too good of a player and the Chiefs just don't have the depth at the position to overcome a loss like that.

The best they could hope for is some kind of a strain or hyperextension, but from the looks of the way he went down and the fact that he never came back in the game, it seems to be more on the serious end and that's never good when talking about knees.