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Peter King Says 'Bad Signs Abound' With Kansas City Chiefs

The Sports Illustrated sportswriter says several teams will bounce back, but the situation in KC looks different.

In his latest Monday Morning Quarterback Column, one of the most widely read NFL writers around, Peter King, posted good news for most fan bases of NFL teams who struggled yesterday. One point before he tears down the hopes for the Kansas City Chiefs, King gives a pep talk of sorts to fans of the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers among others, reminding them that it's a long season and it's only been one game. In other words, every team lays an egg every now and then.

But then King shows his honest opinion about the Chiefs that it might go beyond just a single bad performance. He writes, "I do not like what I see out of the Chiefs. Kansas City had a bad summer on the field, never looked in sync on either side of the ball, lost Matt Cassel's best weapon (tight end Tony Moeaki) to a season-ending knee injury, and was powerless to stop the Bills in the worst home-opening defeat, 41-7, in franchise history. Bad signs abound in KC."

At this point, King is simply agreeing with most of the Chiefs fan base in reading the tea leaves that it seemed worse than a typical blown game. It wasn't about missed opportunities. Instead, the team just didn't look ready in any facet of the game and looked overmatched against the Bills in every possible category on the field. That signals major issues that a week of practice generally cannot fix.

The injuries to Eric Berry alongside Jon Baldwin and Tony Moeaki are enough to compound the problems already on the field. This could be a long season in KC, but let's hope that the Chiefs can shake off the rust (or lack of rhythm or whatever it is that plagues them) and turn this around in a hurry. While others teams will undoubtedly do that in week two, many of us are not so sure about the Chiefs.