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Detroit Lions Injury Report: Calvin Johnson, Louis Delmas, Nick Fairley Miss Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs have received the lion's share of injury attention lately for the season-ending losses of Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki due to injury. Adam Schefter of ESPN even went so far as to hint that the Chiefs might be in the hunt for the top draft pick in 2012 after just one week. But as the Chiefs try to make things right at 1-1 against the Detroit Lions in week two, the Lions are also hurting -- at least when it comes to practicing the week before.

The Lions' best player, Calvin Johnson, did not practice on Wednesday and he was just one of several names that could change the course of Sunday's contest. Starting safety Louis Delmas is another dynamic young player in the secondary and he failed to practice, as did the team's first round choice Nick Fairley. Jason Fox and Kyle Vanden Bosch also failed to practice at all. Alphonso Smith and Maurice Stovall were listed as limited.

The loss of Vanden Bosch and Delmas could cripple the Lions defensive, particularly helping the Chiefs establish a running game since Jamaal Charles can take his game outside. Of course, missing a practice doesn't mean they will miss Sunday, so there's a lot of time between now and then. But the Chiefs aren't the only ones with injury concerns heading into the weekend.