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Former Chief Tony Gonzalez Can Move To No. 5 On NFL's All-Time Reception Leaders On Sunday

Five catches to get to No. 5. That's the challenge, beyond winning of course, facing former Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles as his Atlanta Falcons hope to avenge last week's loss to go to 1-1. The surefire Hall of Famer is already tops among tight ends in NFL history with 1,074 career receptions. Terrell Owens is one step ahead, currently at No. 5, with 1,078.


In fact, with another solid year, Gonzalez can jump everyone to No. 2 on the list this year with another 29 catches. Then he would trail only Jerry Rice, who had 1,549 catches in an amazing career. In the process, Gonzalez will likely jump Tim Brown, Cris Carter and Marvin Harrison.