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Kansas City Chiefs Sign Brandon Flowers To Five-Year Extension

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached a five-year extension with cornerback Brandon Flowers.

The Kansas City Chiefs may have just taken a little bit of the sting away from last weeks' loss to the Buffalo Bills. They signed a big piece of their defensive puzzle in cornerback Brandon Flowers to a five-year extension.

The deal is worth $50 million over five years, including $22 million in guaranteed money according to NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano.

Flowers joins Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Charles who have all recently signed contract extensions to stay in Kansas City for the next five years. Flowers deal does make him one of the highest paid cornerbacks in football. Darrel Revis signed a four-year $46 million contract with the Jets last year with $32.5 million guaranteed. While Jets teammate Antonio Cromartie signed a four-year $32 million contract on August 1st.

The two top free agent corners on the market this year were Nnamdi Asomugha and Jonathon Joseph. Asomugha signed a five-year $60 million deal with the Eagles with $25 million guaranteed, and Joseph signed a five-year $48.75 million contract with the Texans, including $23.5 million guaranteed. 

Flowers deal puts him right in the middle of these players and seems to be the right fit. Flowers is emerging as a top cornerback in this league and now he's getting paid like one.

Chiefs fans should take note as Flowers joins Hali, Johnson and Charles that have all signed extensions to play in Kansas City for the forseeable future. They obviously like where this team is headed under the current leadership and it's good because those four players are going to be a big part of where this organization is headed for the next half-decade. Next up for the Chiefs will be re-signing cornerback Brandon Carr and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.