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Denver Broncos Trying Out Darren Sharper (i.e. What Are The Chiefs Waiting For?)

For the life of me I cannot figure out what the Kansas City Chiefs are thinking at the safety position. Then again, I quickly recognize and freely admit that I'm not in any front office position anywhere and have a limited perspective as an armchair GM of sorts. Yet as much as I respect Scott Pioli and the KC front office, it's difficult to stomach the decisions being made about the Chiefs safety position after Eric Berry went out for the season. It's almost as if the shock of the loss has left everyone in a blind stupor.

Reshard Langford is the official signing to the 53-man roster to replace him, moving Sabby Piscitelli or Jon McGraw into the starting line-up and both into more playing time. Ken Hamlin is available. Darren Sharper is also a free agent. Several more veteran players with vast experience and playing ability are still available, yet the Chiefs are rolling the dice on a guy who might be familiar with their schemes, yet not impressive enough to supplant guys like McGraw or Piscitelli for the last two seasons.

The Denver Broncos are now apparently trying out Darren Sharper on Tuesday, which doesn't guarantee anything, of course, but at least it shows they are trying to move somewhere and get better. Check out the list of names the Chiefs considered before landing on Langford: Gerald Alexander, Vincent Fuller and Chris Horton. Yep, you're likely thinking the same thing I am.

In other words, in a season with high expectations and hopes of repeating at divisional champs, the Chiefs are ignoring any real options to replace Eric Berry for the sake of, what, some veteran money? To take a flier on a young guy? Sorry, you already have plenty of those that you're counting on to break through already (i.e. Justin Houston, Jon Baldwin, Rodney Hudson, Jerrelle Powe, etc.). It's time to get a savvy veteran in to learn the system and save the back end of the defense.