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Randy Cross: Jamaal Charles Possibly Out For Entire Season For Kansas City Chiefs?

As if the season hasn’t been devastating enough due to extreme losses and horrible injuries, the Kansas City Chiefs lost their single best player on the roster when Jamaal Charles went down with a knee injury. And apparently some analysts believe that the early word could be the worst case scenario. Randy Cross, a CBS analyst, reportedly says Charles could be out for the year.

Everything up to this point is conjecture and official reports will be forthcoming. But for a team with little depth at any area on the field, to lose the team’s best offensive player and probably overall MVP (arguably besides Tamba Hali), this cripples an already frustrating season. Charles was the best running back in football last season and the Chiefs are built for his running attack. Now the load falls on Thomas Jones and Le’Ron McClain, two people intended to complement Charles in the middle.

We will keep you posted on more news to come.