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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Todd Haley: "Once again I will take responsibility for the performance of our team"

After another embarrassing blowout Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is again taking responsibility for the terrible performance by the Chiefs. Last weeks' 41-7 loss to the Bills was supposed to be the teams wake up call but after the 48-3 blowout to the Lions on Sunday it seems as if the problem is a little bigger than most Chiefs fans want to believe. via

"Once again I will take responsibility for the performance of our team," Haley said, "and we have to make, clearly, a bunch of changes here in what we're doing in order to have a chance to be ready to play this week against San Diego on the road."

To make things even worse, Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles may have been lost for the season with a left knee injury. He was carted off the field early in the game and never returned. That could possibly make three of the Chiefs top players being out for the season with knee injuries with Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles.

The Chiefs did the two things that you cannot do if you are going to be a winning football team, turn the ball over and commit turnovers. The Chiefs turned the ball over six times against the Lions and committed eight penalties for 70 yards.

Dexter McCluster loses another fumble this week that was costly and both Jerheme Urban and Dwayne Bowe had passes go right through their fingers that resulted in interceptions. Matt Cassel lost a fumble and threw an ill-conceived interception late in the game after it was already out of hand.

The Chiefs are doing the exact opposite of the things they were doing last year in order to win games. They actually held the Lions to 3 yards per rush and rushed the ball themselves for 5.2 yards per carry. Take away the turnovers and penalties and this could have been a different game.

The Chiefs have a lot of work to do before they head down to San Diego for their first divisional game of the season.