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Peter King: Scott Pioli's Job Safer With Kansas City Chiefs Than Todd Haley

It's too early for anyone, King included, to place Haley or Pioli on the hot seat.

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It's difficult in the NFL to lose two games in a row and not have a concerned fan base. It's impossible to lose two games by 79 points combined and not be on the hot seat. Thus just two regular season games after a playoff appearance, the media speculation about the jobs of head coach Todd Haley and general manager Scott Pioli of the Kansas City Chiefs has already started. Whether or not you think it's silly (which I do), the talk is inevitable.

Peter King leads the charge Monday morning with his mention on the game from a Chiefs perspective. He bemoans the Chiefs' injury situation with Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry, but he also realizes the situation isn't just about who is missing. Something major is wrong with the Chiefs, and King says it might cost someone their job.

"In two games, they've been outscored 89-10," he writes. "Yes, 89-10. I don't see any way they come back from this, particularly this week, with a game at San Diego. It's only a matter of time before questions start piling up about the jobs of president and GM Scott Pioli and coach Todd Haley. Though I suspect owner Clark Hunt will give Pioli at least one more coach to hire; Hunt and Pioli are close."

This seems very early in the season to make this sort of statement, although it's understandable given the Chiefs' performance. No one can blame fans or sportswriters for making grandiose claims at this point, but it should be a reminder to all that it's only been through week two on the NFL calendar. Lots can happen, even if that means the Chiefs simply win a few games. Haley won several coach of the year awards and/or mentions just last season, so it's disingenuous to turn the tables so early.

Haley does deserve to be placed under the microscope. He's clearly been outcoached on every level in 2011 and there seems to be no answer for the multiple problems the Chiefs have. But let's give the Chiefs several more games before we put anyone on the hot seat.

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