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Josh McDaniels Predicted To Succeed Todd Haley Next Head Coach Of Kansas City Chiefs

The latest column from Michael Silver over at Yahoo! Sports (always a must-read, by the way) has some great information about the current state of the Chiefs front office and coaching situation. While we’ve already written about what Silver said regarding the tension between Scott Pioli and Todd Haley, another prediction warrants a mention since it’s entirely possible and impossible at the same time.

Silver specifically predicts that Josh McDaniels will be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Todd Haley is already on the hot seat according to several sportswriters this morning, and the discussion will eventually turn to possible successors. Silver heads up the proceedings with his predictions, saying:

I believe that if Pioli fires Haley, he’ll try to hire his old New England colleague Josh McDaniels, he of the disastrous tenure as Broncos head coach that included dubious personnel moves too numerous to mention, a cheating scandal and five victories in his final 22 games. When McDaniels, currently the Rams’ offensive coordinator, becomes K.C.’s next head coach, count on two things: I’ll remind you that you heard it here first and you’re going to be treated to a real diatribe.

Silver is right to follow a Patriots thread to a possible new coaching hire. McDaniels is a decent link with ties to both Pioli and the AFC West and it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that McDaniels could be such a hire. Yet after such an unpopular coach, could Pioli really spin McDaniels to the buying public? I just don’t buy it. And Silver’s right to cry foul over it as well.

Either way, these are interesting days in Kansas City even though the Chiefs have performed so poorly. Count me among those who still believe Haley is a decent citizen and coach, and for me the biggest issue is why Pioli hasn’t spent the $30 million at his disposal over the summer to bring in the depth and competition Haley could use right now. Haley has certainly been outcoached, but he also hasn’t exactly been given everything he could have been given to work with. Numerous people are at fault here.

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